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flashcodeLogical continuity of the bar code 1D, the FLASHCODE is a 2D bar code containing information, making interactive any physical format (paper, poster, T-shirt) and giving access very quickly to the Website Content.

Simple, direct, fast and innovative, the FLASHCODE allows to reach services or contents of the mobil internet without having to enter the URL in the browser but by flashing the code via application on your Iphone, Smartphone or tablets.


The access to the contents via flashcode is made in 2 stages:


  • 1st stage : the customer launches the application on his mobile and aim at the code which is automatically generally detected by the application (should the opposite occur, the user clicks to flash the code).

  • 2nd stage : the application deciphers the code and executes the action indicated by this one: reach a mobile site, launch a video, record a contact...


In the end of May, 2013, we count more than 100 000 downloads of the flashcode application of the AFMM (French Association of the Multimedia Mobil) on Android and more than 800 000 downloads on Iphone.


The Flashcode gives a new dimension of the paper publication, allowing to go towards a new type of contents and complementary services to the image and the paper: videos, sound, homepage of your website, a promotional web page....

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